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What date is today?

If I ask you in Bahasa Indonesia “hari ini tanggal berapa?” or “sekarang tanggal berapa?”, one of these might be your answer in Bahasa Indonesia:

  • Hari ini tanggal 06 Mei 2014.
  • Sekarang tanggal 08 Agustus.

But, if I ask you in English: What date is today?

What will be your answer in English?

I’ve asked my friends for this, and these were the answers:

  • May, 06th 2014…
  • May 6th.
  • May be yes, may be no…

Don’t laugh! This might be your answer, too… 😀

What is the answer?

The common use in writing date is:

  • 06 May 2014 (in British English), or
  • May 06, 2014 (in American English).

Without year?

  • 06th May (in British English), or
  • May 06th (in American English).

So, British English is equal with Bahasa Indonesia or Bahasa Melayu in writing date?

Yes, it is.


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